When he was just 13 years old, Sultan walked into Jamika Entertainment studios with his mum and asked to be an apprentice. Right from the get the go he impressed the boss of Jamika Entertainment after being put to test when he was asked to jump on a track with already established label acts; Star Nazzy, Yung Lord and Nexa, thereafter he was given his first contract and signed on.  He released his first single “Feeling the sisi” featuring Yung Lord.

Sultan is a versatile artist, starting out as a Hip Hop lyricist with a fusion and mix of authentic Afrobeats and Afropop melodies. He writes all his songs and he is known to be able to switch and adapt his style to flow with any act he is working with.

He first studio album ‘Baby Shark’ released in 2018 was nominated for Album of the Year at the Top Naija Music Awards.