Church of Men were the first acts to signed to Jamika Entertainment, they are a band that plays mostly RnB, Pop, Afropop songs.

The band is made up of Best Ehis, Ray Kefe, Victor Master Keys (Fizhbeatz) and Segz ‘Sticks’ Parker.

Their first single was titled “Dance” Their second single Omalichanwa (Mmalichanwa) won the Best Pop Single Award 2014 at the Top Naija Music Awards. They also were nominated for 2 categories at the 2014 Top Naija Music Awards for Best Pop Single and Best Music Group.

The band was founded in January 2013 when Segz Sticks went to the boss of Jamika Entertainment and asked him to be his manager and help make a band. He then brought together the individual talents of Best Ehis, Ray Kefe and Victor Master Keys (Fizhbeatz).

The band started working together and rehearsing for their first gig at a church and that’s where the band came to be known as the Church of Men.

Best Ehis and Ray Kefe are both the vocalists, Segz Sticks Parker is the drummer and Victor Master Keys (Fizhbeatz) plays the keyboard.